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SOAR 2016 - July 22 - 24
by Blackice

Now that you are stuffed from Lobster last weekend, come work up a new appetite in the fresh inflow breeze of Squamish.

The usual shenanigans will ensue with Coal Harbour Brewing once again refreshing the thirsty sailors and Evolution Sails ready to support your sail repair needs (or to buy a heavy chicken chute for next year!)

Friday night's inflow race is like no other... all downwind, all delivery, all race. Cap it off with a free beer when you hit the dock at the Valhalla Pure welcome party.

Saturday is the usual long and short course racing with the long course finishing with several high intensity laps around the bay to get the adrenaline pumping. The Crabapple Cafe in Brackendale will fill you up with another special meal. You'll need the energy, because SOAR 2016 is welcoming back Tantalus Pass. This is the band that set the standard to which we have held every musical group since. You don't want to miss it!

Sunday, there is no better way to shake off the remnants of last night's party than a 20 mile upwind Hangover Race. It's kind of like a cold shower... you'll feel better afterwards. By the finish at Porteau Cove, you'll be feeling so much better that you'll want to stop with the locals for a swim and a brew.

The weekend couldn't really get much better... except back for 2016, THE GAME OF SOAR. Race well, do stunts, collect points, win rum... that simple.

Game of SOAR:

Register here:

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