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by Blackice
Ugly rainy weather means winter in Vancouver. Winter racing means you get to use those small sails that have been in the way all summer! Yay!

As usual there are two series to serve you better:

Vancouver Rowing Club Polar Bear

This great series races in English Bay. Starts are near the Stanley Park end of things, courses are around the constantly-changing set of freighters and fixed marks that are available. One of the only 'in the bay' race series where you can't always "go right" on the course, this can be a real challenge. This fleet offers tight racing at the top end, and is probably the best fleet to join in for novices and older/slower boats. Starts are at 11 am, every second Sunday, and the bar opens at VRC in the early afternoon. VRC also has an excellent mentoring program in place for less experienced boat owner who would like to give this series a try.

More info at

West Vancouver Yacht Club Snowflake

This equally great series has been running at the mouth of Howe Sound for about 100 years, give or take. Races tend to be split between racing North in howling winter outflows, or taking scenic tours between English Bay and the shore of Bowen Island. A bigger big-boat fleet than the Polar Bear series is typically in attendance, though there is a very good fleet at the smaller end also. Starts are early at 10 am, so bring your woolies!

More info at

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